Booster Catalogue

Mobile signal booster is special equipment designed to improve low cell phone signals at home, office or another area. The range of booster models which Nikrans brand offers differ in use categories. There’re mobile repeaters for improvement only of call reception or 3G/4G internet work. There’re also dualband amplifiers for simultaneous amplification of 3G data and voice, triband models for three different frequencies, etc. Within each category repeaters have various coverage areas, which predetermine amplification power of the booster.

Among Nikrans booster models two kinds can be distinguished — classic and Mini boosters. Their main difference is dimensions and weight. Mini boosters are very compact and light, and are unnoticeable in any interior. Classic models are a bit bigger in dimensions but they are as simple and convenient in use as Mini boosters. The working principle and high signal amplification efficiency is the same for both model kinds.

Here’re booster categories available with Nikrans brand:

GSM — 900 MHz

GSM repeaters amplify voice connections, SMS, EDGE and GPRS networks effectively. The working frequency of the models is 900 MHz, which is the European standard for voice transmission. GSM repeater models are suitable for areas from 180 to 1000 m2 (1900 – 11000 ft2).

DCS — 1800 MHz

DCS amplifiers are used to improve call reception as well as EDGE and GPRS at 1800 MHz. This frequency is mostly spread among mobile operators in Asia, Africa, Americas, and it’s also used for voice transmission in some European cities and regions.

CDMA — 1900 MHz

CDMA mobile repeaters are designed especially for enhancing cell phone connection for most mobile networks of the USA, Canada, Australia and South America. Some operators also use this frequency for 3G mobile Internet. Mobile repeaters for CDMA operate at the frequency of 1900MHz and can be used in all types of indoor locations from 250m2 to 1000m2 — private houses, schools, restaurants, etc.

3G – 2100 MHz

3G Boosters ensure stable and fast work of 3G mobile internet and 3G mobile applications. Nikrans 3G models function at 2100 MHz which is a globally acceptable frequency for 3G data transmission. Coverage areas of devices vary from 150 to 1000 m2 (1600 – 11000 ft2).

4G/LTE Network

LTE standard is a new and rapidly developing Internet technology. Choose a 4G signal amplifier for smooth and fast work of LTE Internet in your house or office. 4G signal amplifiers from Nikrans operate at the most popular frequencies of the world and are valid for mobile networks worldwide: 1800MHz and 2600MHz for Europe, Asia and Africa; 700MHz and 1700MHz for Australia, North and South America. Choose from the list below.


WiFi repeaters are professional equipment developed for stabilizing wireless Internet connection. The operating frequency of Wi-Fi models is 2400MHz, hwhich is a standard frequency for all networks of the entire world. Besides, the devices work with all routers and are very easy to use. Below are listed all WiFi repeaters from Nikrans differing by their coverage capacity from 1200m2 to 2500m2.


Professional cell phone repeaters for CDMA are developed to improve mobile communication at the frequency of 850MHz. These models are valid for most mobile networks of Australia, South and North America. In the catalogue below you will find CDMA boosters for CDMA differing by coverage range from 250m2 to 1000m2. Find your perfect cell phone booster now.

Dual Band CP 850/1900Mhz

Dualband boosters are unique models that are able to improve cell phone connection at two different frequencies — 850MHz and 1900Mhz — at the same time. These CDMA boosters suit for all mobile operators of Australia, North and South America. In the catalogue below we offer you all CDMA dualband boosters, just choose the one according to the necessary coverage range — from 250m2 to 1000m2.

Dual Band GD 900/1800Mhz

Dualband repeaters for GSM and DCS improve mobile calls at two different mobile frequencies 900 and 1800 MHz at a time. The models will be especially useful for users of two o more mobile providers. The coverage range of the models is from 250 to 1000 m2 (2700 – 11000 ft2).

Dual Band GW 3G + 900Mhz

Dualband Boosters amplify both GSM calls and 3G internet. These models function at 2 frequencies at a time, GSM 900 MHz and W-CDMA 2100 MHz. Dualbands are effective for various areas from 250 to 2000 m2 (2700 – 21500 ft2).

Tri Band 900/1800Mhz + 3G

Triband boosters intensify voice at two frequencies and 3G mobile internet at the same time. The models support three frequencies – GSM 900, DCS 1800 and 3G 2100 MHz, — and work within areas from 500 to 1000 m2 (5400 — 11000 ft2).

All-in-One Systems

Exclusive and multifunctional all-in-one repeaters are the best choice for people who use 4 or 5 band simultaneously. All-in-One repeaters from Nikrans operate at GSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz, 3G 2100MHz, LTE 800MHZ/2600MHz. These models are very powerful and are able to cover large buildings with the surface up to 2000m2. Compatible with all cell phone operators of the European Union, Asia, Africa and most networks of other countries. Choose your repeater and stabilize your mobile connection!